Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

✨the moon babe & her sunshine✨

I don’t remember the last time I truly recognised my own reflection… I’ve been dissociating a lot recently so I drew how it feels.🕳

Earth, Wind, Fire and Air.🦇

crt filters make pixel art so cozy tbh ✨

I ADDED FOUR MORE BATS TO MY SHOP!! 💕🦇🌙✨ garnet & amethyst✨

This is my biggest update in so long! Thank you all so much for your support 😭💕✨

My update is live 🌙✨🎃

crafted for the most elegant garden fairies 🥀🌱👐🏻

My baby, Paxton is in the ER. He saved my life and I refuse to give up on him. He inspires my art and helps me heal. After 2 nights in the ER he’s doing better. The bill is around 5K which is tough for me. I don’t expect but would so appreciate any help. Links below

🖤GIVEAWAY🖤 Had the absolute honor of working with 🎃 He made this INSANE wooden piece & I wrapped it! 🍄 Rules: •follow me AND •retweet this post •tag some friends Ends on 10/29! Good luck!

So happy with this rug I made. Can’t wait to clean it up.

magic is everywhere 🦋

handcrafted with love 🧡

• A self-insert piece inspired by my favs Howl’s Moving Castle & Starry Night ✨

Back in my space phase

Only two of these left ☁️

she’s celestial 💓

My commissions are open! Gift your loved ones some original art! ☺️♥️

Here’s a color mixing guide for different shades of green you can use when painting landscapes