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Jessica William

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The dishonest antivaxxers don't seem to understand that it is THEIR FAULT that masks must be worn again. And fines should be levied as well as refusal to let them in without masks. It's time to get nasty!!

I know I’m not alone on this: people shouldn’t have to take out massive loans and spend decades paying them back in order to receive an education. RT if you agree.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Olympics really need to be postponed again? It will become another superspreader.

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ATTN ANTIFA: I forgot the date of our acceleration phase & lost the minutes to our last meeting. Please reply below. Thanks.

It’s been one year since the passing of civil rights icon Representative John Lewis. Let’s continue to make in his name.

As more passengers are vaccinated and willing to travel, the airline industry is operating with less data, and more uncertainty.

Access Your Vaccination Card Anywhere with This Bracelet

Psaki made Doocy look like the fool he is

Orioles-Rays game will be first time MLB broadcast has all-women on-air crew

So, leaked Kremlin documents show that Putin wanted the former guy to be elected because the Kompromat they had on him would make it easy to manipulate him. Let's see those tapes.👀

People lock their doors to keep their families safe from intruders. Why the hell don't they get themselves and their eligible family members vaccinated to lock out a deadly virus?

DeSantis always finds new ways to set the bar lower. Wtf is up with this anti-Fauci merch? Conveniently right as the case rate is shooting up again? How does this state keep electing complete tools like him or Rick Scott?

Singer Olivia Rodrigo walks into the West Wing of the White House to help promote the COVID vaccine with administration officials.