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Jessica William

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Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party would gladly destroy the U.S. economy by refusing to raise the debt ceiling if they thought they could blame it on Joe Biden.

Matt Gaetz is hiring lawyers who specialize in defending sex offenders because that's what you do when you are absolutely not a sex offender.

Republican political strategy has two basic components: 1.) fucking things up, and 2.) blaming Democrats for not fixing them.

If you are a doctor or nurse who quit their job rather than get vaccinated, how good could you have been anyway?

The way Matt Gaetz is going after you'd think she was a 17-year-old he wants to pay for sex.

I made a joke about cocaine and Donald Trump Jr. snorted.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Merrick Garland. Merrick Garland who? Merrick Garland who NEEDS TO WAKE THE FUCK UP AND START PROSECUTING TRAITORS.

After years of practice and study, Lindsey Graham has mastered the circular breathing technique of classical musicians so he never has to stop kissing Donald Trump’s ass.

PHOTO: World’s shittiest parent.

Forecast for Trump rally in Georgia: Temperatures in the 70s, IQs slightly lower.

If Republicans can't be bothered to protect school children from guns, they sure as hell can't be bothered to protect them from COVID-19.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is what happens when a flaming bag of shit is left on someone's porch and instead of stamping it out they send it to Congress.

RT if your dog is smarter than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The definition of insanity is suing over the same election over and over and expecting a different result.

If you voted for a man who autographed Bibles for his supporters, saluted a North Korean general, used a Sharpie to change the course of a hurricane, stared into the sun twice, and tweeted a quote from Mussolini, your opinion of Joe Biden's mental health is laughably irrelevant.

When Chuck Grassley was first elected to office, it was as representative for the northern segment of Pangaea.

Kayleigh McEnany forgot who was president in 2020 even though she was working for him.

Being the next president after the worst president in history was never going to be easy.

I refuse to sign my organ donor card until I get some kind of guarantee that no part of my body will ever be used to keep Ron DeSantis alive.

Joe Biden: "Get vaccinated." Republicans: "No." (COVID-19 sticks around until 2022.) Republicans: "Why hasn't Joe Biden done anything about COVID-19?"