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Jessica William

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All of my pets have been and currently are adopted, not purchased. It's better for the pet and for the planet.

Oh, gee! There's a variant in addition to the delta strain. This can be eradicated if everyone gets vaccinated and wears masks. It's such an easy fix.

Someone in my town turned their little library into an artbox.

A positive message:

I usually don't care about fashion. This story, however, is enlightening. Tracing Freedom to a Pair of Jeans

If You Paid Your Debt to Society, You Should Be Allowed to Work

Climate Change Could Devastate Emperor Penguins, U.S. Officials Warn

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You got people saying they don’t trust the vaccine cause they don’t know what’s in it, yet on a daily basis they’re puttin food in their body and they couldn’t tell you what’s in it… Folks will eat hotdogs but won’t get the vaccine. Ain’t that some ish?

This is a good person to follow. He'll follow back.

A look at meat, grain, and plant-based dog foods. Meat for cats and cell-generated and insect-based pet foods. Everything you need to know concerning pet health and the planet.

Hell does exist. It's dealing with health insurance regarding their mistakes about bills.

George Forss, 80, Photographer Discovered on the Streets of N.Y., Dies

Why are we paying $174,000 a year just to be a TERRORIST?? Expel him. Now.

Kevin McCarthy needs to step down. Not just as Minority Leader but from the House altogether. Threatening another House member with violence is completely unacceptable.

You cannot impeach Biden if he is not President. I am here just to thank you for acknowledging that Biden won and nothing can or will be done to change that fact.

For those that are tweeting Impeach Biden please return your stimulus checks, don’t take the child tax credits and GFY.

Just got back from vacation. If I didn't you back, please let me know. Thanks.

They intended to EXECUTE the Speaker of the House on January 6th, but now Kevin McCarthy thinks it's OK to joke about assaulting her with an oversized mallet?