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(and really it's a take about all of us, not him)

As far as I've seen, this is the only thoughtful take on the Trump statement.

When folks think about highly vaccinated places in America They think Vermont or CT or MA Those places are good But not the most vaccinated place in America So who's #1? Puerto Rico! But PR has gotten way too little attention Its worth reflecting on how they did it Thread

For the past three months, I've been on the union negotiating team for NPR's SAG-AFTRA members. We are incredibly proud of what we've been able to accomplish in our new contract 👇

We’re excited to announce that we’ve ratified a new collective bargaining agreement with NPR. We believe this new contract will improve our members’ lives and working conditions, as well as make NPR a more equitable and inclusive workplace. Here are some highlights:

Do people know that the 1890 pandemic was likely caused by another coronavirus, OC43 (that was then novel?) Nowadays, no longer novel, it is one of the causes of the common cold. We're obviously not living in the OC43 pandemic since, and we won't live in a COVID pandemic forever.

I started noticing this trend of TikTokers obsessively following Nancy Pelosi's stock trading disclosures -- and fell into this crazy world where retail investors are mimicking Congressional stock trades:

If you follow a lot of people, you've seen a lot of these already. Just here to say I'm grateful to be in such a strong union. People do better work when they feel secure and valued. (Here's me and my fave coworker, tho he's still waiting on his membership)

Sit with this for a second. 1 in 500 Americans has died from Covid. 1 in 240 among Native Americans. 1 in 390 among Hispanics. 1 in 480 among Blacks. For people 85 & older, 1 in 35. So Not The Flu!

Thread by New Yorker archivist since 1994...on race and the written word, at The New Yorker. She has the stats.

I appreciate this story b/c 1) FOIA didn't take a year thx to legal muscle & counsel 2) Got to drive around w/ , stare into Ringer cameras, and then share stories w/ all on the byline & editors 3) usual suspects on & I-team

Folks as so many conversations do on this platform, things have gone in an entirely different direction than the thread that started the original conversation. So, let me say a few words to try to bring this to a close.

Whoa. Estimated 7 million Covid cases unaccounted for in CDC data. Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, West Virginia & Wyoming submitted <1/10th of their cases. Florida, Michigan & Kentucky are completely missing <30%. ht

Exclusive: As thousands of Afghans arrive in the U.S. from bases around the world, NPR took an exclusive tour inside the welcoming center for the largest airlift of refugees in American history.

The thing that is so hard for people to grasp about is that until it happens to you, it seems abstract. Maybe, you are sitting warm and dry in your home right now. The AC is on. The power is working just fine. What could go wrong? It is fine, until it isn't.

This is a picture from 2009. It's Tim Lambert, Debby Borza, and me. This was the groundbreaking ceremony for the Flight 93 National Memorial outside Shanksville, PA.

Every newsroom in this moment should be significantly ramping up coverage and resources around climate change, with a sharp focus on communities of color and the inequities that exist and are likely to widen.

From a doctor friend: "Just intubated a perfectly healthy 35 year old in the ICU, unvaxed. He looked afraid and was completely hopeless." There's also a married couple there in liver failure from Ivermectin. "The same story is happening all over. It's depressing and disturbing."

A thing I didn’t know until my extremely planned pregnancy is that on the day you miss your period, you are considered 4 weeks pregnant. Which means 6-week bans like TX’s are a lot more like 2-week bans, making abortion illegal before most people even realize they’re pregnant.