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Russian President Putin polls higher than President Biden among Trump voters, per new polling from Economist/YouGov.

McConnell's going to try to shut down any possibe Republican support for a Manchin-type compromise on voting rights today. Will some GOP senators (who are appalled by the Big Lie and by what's happened in the TX legislature and the AZ audit) say they're open to discussing it?

CA-23 this has to be lying Kevin McCarthy's last term in congress!! I know if you all vote will be victorious!

I'm running for Congress to flip blue and defeat MAGA loyalist Mike Garcia. We're just a few hundred followers away from 10k. If you want to keep our House majority, help me win this race. Retweet and follow!

MAGA Rioter Says that Spreading Footage of Him Rioting is Making Him ‘Look Bad’

Now that Juneteenth is going to be a national holiday, white people, pretend your black, it's June 20th, you just found out you're free. Except you don't have a home, you don't have a job, you don't have a single dollar, and you can't participate in society. What do you do next?

Kevin McCarthy slams President Biden for not being tougher on Putin. The same McCarthy who stood back & did nothing as Trump clutched Vlad's pearls while downing our allies at Helsinki. Hypocritical Kevin can STFU.

Good night loves. Gonna relax before bed. My chest pains are not as bad and happening less often. Meds are finally kicking in. Still have the side effects of headache and dizziness, they should go away soon. Hopefully power stays on. Have a great evening and sweet dreams. 💜😘

Zoom saw its profits increase 4,000% last year. But, wait for it, paid no federal income taxes. Zero. Folks, the system is rigged.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt won’t support the voting rights bill because Stacey Abrams supports it? Dude, your racism is showing so much it’s flooding the zone

From Speaker Pelosi's office: Ask McCarthy: Why Won't He Shake Officer Fanone's Hand? "As his Members model his disrespect for police officers who protected the Capitol on January 6th, it's time for McCarthy to explain why he won't shake hands with Officer Fanone."

I will be off Twitter for a few hours. I'm going to fly up to my cabin in Montana to finish up counting some ballots that were flown up there from Arizona.

Hi my loves ❤ I haven't been here all day because my heart is sad! Yet the cure is just keep loving ❤ I love y'all so fucking much its a beautiful thing for me! Dream sweetly my beautiful souls ❤ xoxo 🌻 your Sunflower forever 💛

Lol, I have the best kids. Over dinner, my son said: “What will Karens complain about now that there is no mask mandate?” 😂😂😂

!!! ALERT - Court orders release of body camera video in the case of Thomas Webster, the retired New York police officer accused of attacking DC police on frontlines on January 6. (Warning - language)

R.I.P. Frank Bonner: The television actor best known for his role as Herb Tarlek on WKRP in Cincinnati has died at the age of 79.

Upstaged by a toddler... SWEET! (an extraordinarily talented, charismatic & adorable toddler, but a toddler nonetheless) 😍👀👍❤️🥰😜

Can some explain to me like I'm from another country ( which I am) how these trumpets still support him even though he threw all of the insurrection people under the bus

The McCloskeys who pointed guns at peaceful protesters passing by their home were given light sentences.Both are well known attorneys.A Mo. State Rep. was walking with the protesters.She said there was no violence or threats from the protesters.

It just makes me so sad that the Republican Party, the party I belonged to my whole adult life up until a year & a half ago, is now almost completely disconnected to truth. It’s a party that seems to enjoy living in a world of lies, disinformation, conspiracies, & misinformation.