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Jessica William

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Fulfill your duty as a Democrat, Joe Manchin. Your constituents voted for you because they want Biden’s agenda! Step away from your ego! You aren’t President!

Agreed, It would be a fabulous place to arrest him.

You are clearly infected with the GOP virus. It’s making you harken back to yesteryear. By tomorrow morning you’ll be drinking from a whites only drinking fountain and not having to share restaurant space with those not of your color. Dig deep and find some integrity please.

We’re not going to flip seats without getting the word out Follow

Also, when people were dying from Covid only, many said the hospitals were stating the cause of death was incorrect, and it wasn’t Covid, but another health issue. These people make my head swivel! I don’t know what they want.

Hey everyone- we’re only 1,100 followers away from 42k! Could you help me reach that milestone today to show Trump-loving Davis that we are ready to take back the 13th and have a ?! Retweet, follow, and share far and wide!

Help Bruno take Kevin McCarthy down in 2022. It would send a huge message to MAGA Republicans and would put a good man in Congress. You can help by giving him a follow RT to amplify his voice.

IA, Chuck Grassley needs to be put out to pasture! You need young blood! You need ABBY FINKENAUER in the Senate! 🏛 She graduated from Drake Univ 🎓 She is focused on Unions🌻Education🌻Minimum Wage🌻And More! Follow & RT 🗳

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Thank God it's Friday! —And that over 81 million REAL American patriots voted against a GOP fascist death cult, and for democracy vs autocracy, science vs superstition, rule of law vs rule of lies 🙏🙏🏿🙏🏽

Sen Kirsten Sinema's continued opposition to Pres Biden's legislation has angered Democrats and the activists who worked tirelessly to get her elected. is daring the left to take her out. Challenge accepted. 💪

Devin Nunes with some of his buddies, the one on the right flashing the white power symbol. Let's retweet this photo of Devin and remind his constituents that he's Trump's biggest ally in Congress and has no problem with white supremacists. And please follow us

knows she wouldn’t be in Congress if not for her many childcare providers over the yrs. For some families, childcare is a luxury. Biden’s BBB plan solves this problem by saving middle & lower-class families an avg of $14,800/ yr in childcare.

Georgia🍑You have a great Senator! 🔸Raphael Warnock believes every person deserves quality healthcare! 🔸 does not accept PAC money-he’s not bought by special interests! 🔸Fights for Medicare/Medicaid 🔸Build Back Better Act

How many retweets and replies can we get with to help spread this video of Youngkin’s support of the insurrection? Ready? Go!

Aaaannnndddd, already starting. Or, I suppose it never stopped.

For Glen Youngkin Trump is first Virginia is last Keep Virginia Blue. Vote to save democracy.