Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

*gently hands you the 4 ultimate jimin comfort videos*

god he’s so easy to fall in love with

210918 🗣🐹please release in the soop season 3

[🗒️| will have an interview with ABC on September 21th along with the President Moon 🇺🇸

disrespecting their privacy is definitely not how you treat the people you love.

earth can’t be flat cus jimin is round. I’m not elaborating.

jimin fact #1013: after exploring 99% of the world's oceans jimin confirms that earth is round.

a literal prince

Twitter Post 210918 Jimin wears LOUIS VUITTON and PATEK PHILIPPE.

bts first flight after two years as diplomats & presidential envoys with 5 HOT100 #1… they’re so hot

airport selfies & “we will be back” from bts & “have a safe flight” trending worldwide… yeah this is what world peace feels like

“big day tomorrow”

bts slept next to their airport outfits like it’s the first day of school


bts taking pics against the airport wall, posting selfies & commenting under each other’s posts… they missed this so much I’m EMOTIONAL

the jikookfication of jikook

SUGA🌟on weverse: 🐱i’ll/we’ll be backk (cutesy/aegyo)

jimin’s all in black fit… he’s so hot