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Jessica William

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When Chloe released Have Mercy, I saw think pieces trolling her for releasing a song that does not showcase her vocal ability. Now she's showcasing her vocals in every performance and they are saying she's doing too much. So which is it?

Every person that is missing, I pray they are returned safely to their love ones

This girl is destined to be a star like idk what to tell y’all. Y’all gonna have to suck it up I fear.

this was one of my favorite parts, they were so hyped up

thank you global citizen 💎

It’s just something about Halle Bailey with a guitar

Chloe via Instagram 🧊✨

why it keep costin like it do 🤔💎💍

“Have Mercy” — Spotify Streams: 1st week — 7,421,228 2nd week — 7,962,880 15th day — 1,210,356 16th day — 1,158,803 Total — 17,753,267

halle face card never declining i fear…

Everybody on Twitter wanna be critics but The crowd was loving it

Cash's fit! My girl looks freaking good 😍

She’s just so captivating like you cannot deny it.