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Jessica William

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they try to deny a widows emotional distress.

One of the best headline summaries covering the COVID vaccines.

But let’s talk more about the BS War on Christmas instead of the all out assault on our health & environment Revealed: more than 120,000 US sites feared to handle harmful PFAS ‘forever’ chemicals

Pro-union worker voices censored by the administration and anti-union propaganda pushed instead

This man is the president. America deserves to fail.

Biden confirms vaccines for children aged 5 - 11. The US will use its children as human shields to protect its adults. A society that is prepared to sacrifice its young, should fall. It’s not worth saving.

THREAD: When I reflect back on the past few years of the movement for , there was great momentum during the 2020 primary thanks in large part to making it a key issue of his campaign, but then after Biden won everything completely changed…

Ten reasons to protect wolves 🐺

A recent poll found that 83% of Americans support allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. The American people are making themselves pretty clear. Congress needs to stand up to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry. Now is the time.

look at this tiny owl using a mushroom as an umbrella

I obtained Facebook's secret list of banned dangerous individuals and organizations, which can't be freely discussed on the company's platforms, and today we're publishing it in full.

Imagine if we had a democracy and our politicians actually represented the will of the people. We’d have all this and so much more.

"Vote Blue No Matter Who" I don't know any better way to tell the Democrat party that you don't give a shit what they do and you dont hold them to account. Whoever thought up this political slogan hates this country.

Pharma company Merck used our taxes to develop a new Covid medicine that costs them $18 to produce, and they’re charging the government $712 or 40 times the price to produce it. Sales could reach $7 billion by the end of the year. We should have their heads for this.

Biden acknowledges Indigenous Peoples’ Day naming it such… while continuing to pollute their land and water after another treaty - in a long line of broken treaties - was broken, and now he’s arresting Indigenous people for standing up for their rights in peaceful protest.

Here are the Dems trying to kill drug pricing reform ...and how much each has taken from Big Pharma: : $860K : $707K : $615K : $519K : $242K : $84K Let them know how you feel.

still waitin on better with biden. need strong 3rd party before we all dead.