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Rep. Liz Cheney just now: “Mr. Trump’s privilege arguments do, however, appear to reveal one thing: they suggest that President Trump was personally involved in the planning and execution of January 6, and this committee will get the bottom of that.”

His dad, my brother, died 4 years ago, when my nephew was only 4 years old. I knew I couldn’t replace his dad, but I promised my brother I would be the best uncle I could be. KJ turns 8 today, and he told me that I needed to tell all of my friends that today is his birthday.

The right to vote is under attack across America. Tomorrow, the Senate will vote on the Freedom to Vote Act. We’ll be watching to see who believes voting is a right, and who will fail to protect our republic.

Reading - but deliberately not sharing - Trump’s statement on the passing of Colin Powell is another reminder there really is no bottom.

Anyone else even more determined to get more Democrats elected in 2022 so we have an even bigger majority? ✋

The bottom line is this: When we give working families a break, we’re not just raising their quality of life. We’re also positioning our country to compete for the future.

Tomorrow I will vote to begin debate on the Freedom to Vote Act. Our democracy is on the line.

The COVID-19 plan I laid out in September is working. We’re headed in the right direction. But we have critical work to do — and we can’t let up.

Reminder that tomorrow is VP’s birthday the guys are hosting dinner We will be fundraising for Val & Cheri all day so that we can hit our BIG goal of $25K. We are only $1,125 away. You can give $5,$7 or $57 and/or simply retweet the link.

I’m so sick of y’all commenting on the Democratic Party!!! If u don’t identify as a Democrat the STFU 🤬 YALL ARE SO THIRSTY looking for headline because quite frankly y’all want us to lose the midterms so that criminal justice reform & voting rights don’t get passed

It’s not right that working families pay higher tax rates than the wealthiest and large corporations. We’ll fight to ensure that the wealthiest and corporations pay their fair share—and build an economy that works for everyone. That’s what the Build Back Better Agenda is about.

Wait a minute now...

Right now, workers and the ultra-wealthy aren’t just playing on an unfair playing field — they’re playing different sports. My plans will put an end to that.

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Let your Senator know — it’s time to pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

is up and at em today. 💃🏾💃🏾

Americans deserve an economy that delivers for the middle class–not just big corporations.

Just a reminder: The numbers in were projected over 10 years. So if the number is lower that’s is okay with me. We can come back in a year with 53+ senators and add more funding. Pay attention to the programs not the $$$.

BREAKING: The FBI just raided the DC home of Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, associate of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort. It’s On.

The US government spends on military more than the next ten countries COMBINED, but is at the BOTTOM of the list of rich countries on child care spending. Democrats are trying to address this outrageous reality, but are being obstructed by & .