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Jessica William

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Pre-colonization Glass Gem Corn, Indigenous to North America, regrown by a Cherokee farmer in Oklahoma. This particular corn is a mix of ancient Pawnee, Osage and Cherokee varieties.

"The global average temperature will rise 2.7 degrees Celsius by century’s end even if all countries meet their promised emissions cuts" And we're of course far from reaching even these highly insufficient targets. How long will we let this madness go on?

Help us wish a very happy birthday!! 🥳

This is Dixie. She’s been having trouble walking and controlling her bladder due to a cancerous mass on her spleen. She underwent surgery to remove it and is waiting on the biopsy. She’s being very brave and you can help her by clicking below. 13/10

Tomorrow I’m opening my first grocery store in a Title One school. I doubt I sleep tonight - imagine a parent between checks who can order dinner and breakfast for their family thru our app and their child bring it home. I’m changing lives man, no one does it like me. Just wait!

I’m so sorry for your loss. I share your frustration as the daughter of a transplant recipient. I saw this meme on social media. Every solitary fiber of it is true, which is maddening and so sad. There are people I never care to interact with again based on their selfishness.

And all over Twitter & Facebook & the news, I see selfish folks without an ounce of compassion for their fellow humans, spewing lies and misinformation that are going to lead to even more preventable deaths.

I broke down tonight. I broke down because our team lost 2 special patients to this damn virus. 2 fully vaccinated lung transplant patients who did everything right and still it wasn't enough.

This man’s cheating and getting and STD is literally becoming an international incident.

Pope Francis doesn't understand why people refuse to take COVID-19 vaccines, saying “humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines” and that a discussion was necessary. Francis said that there were skeptics even in the college of cardinals.

Please recite Kaddish for Molly Steinsapir Z”L (Miri Hannah Bat Y'Rachmiel v'Chava). G’mar chatima tova to all who are celebrating, may you be sealed in the book of life. Wishing you a meaningful fast. Please RT so that Molly’s spirit may be further elevated in prayer 🙏.

This is Buster and Roscoe. They were separated from their humans during Hurricane Ida. Both were reunited this week by . You all raised over $43k for their relief fund, and helped make this possible. 14/10 for all ❤️

This is Finn. He goes door to door asking if anybody has seen the good boy. They have now, of course. 14/10 would hug softly

Full opening statement: At Senate hearing, McKayla Maroney describes reporting abuse by Larry Nassar "in extreme detail" to the FBI in 2015: “What is the point of reporting abuse if our own FBI agents are going to take it upon themselves to bury that report in a drawer?"

"This agricultural support damages people’s health, fuels the climate crisis, destroys nature and drives inequality by excluding smallholder farmers, many of whom are women, according to the UN agencies."

This is Siri. She heard you’re not supposed to go chasing waterfalls. Went anyway and it was lovely. Not sure why they say that. 13/10

Oh c’mon. We only rate dogs. This is a Silly Seaside T-Rex. Please evacuate the beach immediately. Thank you… 13/10

My 27 years old beautiful niece, a doctor, fully vaccinated, served Covid patients till her last day of life, had breakthrough infection from the Delta variant. Died of blood clot. Please pray for my sister who is in terrible pain from this loss!

A poll worker in West Hollywood this morning. Isn’t this shit illegal?