Know these things before donating blood, these 5 people should not donate blood

New Delhi: Blood donation is not called Mahadan. Donating blood of one person can benefit 5 people, patients can get new life and this whole process of blood donation takes only 20 minutes. Despite this, only 1 person out of 30 in India donates blood regularly. You will be surprised to know that 40 thousand blood donation is required daily in our country to handle cases related to cancer, sickle cell anemia, emergency surgery, accident etc. Organizations like Red Cross keep people aware of blood donation. However, before donating blood, some important things should be kept in mind and which people should not donate blood, it is also important to know about this.

1. People who have got tattoos done or piercing
If you have undergone any skin treatment, tattoo or piercing, or piercing the skin (nose, ears, naval anywhere) then the person should not donate blood for at least 4 months. The most important reason for this is that hepatitis virus can be prevented from being transferred.

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2. People who have a cold or flu
If a person has a cold or flu, they should also not donate blood until they are completely healthy. The Red Cross Society also follows this policy to prevent the spread of the flu virus in a person who transfers blood from a person who donates blood.

3. Have antibiotics used to treat a disease
People who have had any kind of infection in the last 2 weeks and have used antibiotics for their treatment, those people should donate blood only after 10-15 days. This is because there are many infections which can also be transferred in the blood. Blood donors should not donate blood if they are taking antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.

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4. If you are underweight or your weight is less than normal
The person donating blood must have a weight of at least 50 kg and his / her health should also be fully recovered. Blood donors under 18 also have height and weight specific requirements, and only those who fulfill them can donate blood.

5. These people should not donate blood
– who have had jaundice or hepatitis disease in the last one year
– People who have had any type of cancer or are undergoing treatment for cancer
– Taking any kind of medicine for the treatment of acne
– Immunization for any particular disease

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