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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Please follow me!!! I was @/levels_player and was suspended in July for copyright. I would greatly appreciate the support. Suspended at 26k.

I’m starting to get real hungry for new albums or even singles from Katy and Kesha.

praying refollows me bc poster girl has been my shit all year. what a masterpiece.

All of them because each one brings its own unique perspective to her extremely talented prn game. Each album open its own doors.

Tinashe is the most underrated artist in the industry.

this is a POP CULTURE moment for anyone who is a fan of early 2010s pop music. 2021 was just healed.

the nicki minaj collection

aged like fine wine.

I keep rewatching those live performances of Nicki from last night. God I love her so much. So happy to see her out performing again. ❤️

Nicki Minaj. 👑

Nicki been aging like fine wine. 😍

seeing Nicki perform live again makes my heart so happy. it’s like the universe is healing.

this song is a CLASSIC plus always delivers with a firee verse.

DELUXE ALBUM TINGZ AHH you added many of my favorites!!

now I got them stalking my page on different accounts after I blocked them. the obsession is real.

I would cry if noticed me tonight. I love her music so much.

“cheap bots, done quick!” Wtf ???

I see there is confusion about this tweet. I’m talking about the headline solely. Not about race, age, gender, sexual assault. I’m talking about how pathetic it is that a magazine/news org would report on a fanbase here when that is the least important aspect of this situation.