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Jessica William

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the story of Mahur Türel🕊 |

if I don’t wake up to good ratings tomorrow I will k word myself

cancelling classes for tomorrow cause I deserve some rest

Mf Ethem writing ep 18

"Watch marasli to have fun they said“

like cant believe that birsen didn’t tell us that our whole cast is leaving??????????????¿¿¿¿¿

I want my mental health back

how are people even able to sleep right now pls teach me your ways

this mf deserves hell for what he has done to us

can’t even say goodbye to the characters I never cared about how will I ever be able to say goodbye to Albur?

it’s real when they say just appreciate what you had when it’s gone bye I AM GOING TO MISS THEM LIKE CRAZY

no I’m really crying going to miss this cast like crazy 😭😭

vallah if you ask me cok embarrassing

half of the cast making goodbye posts, fandom talking about finale and cancellation, ratings coming, mahcel dead hahahahahahah hayat güzel hahahahah

Kon, Lily & Ena literally have zero rights to complain like these wh0res wanted from the beginning only pain and more pain. I’m the victim in this fandom getting abused by the writers every week while these h0es asked for it


Mahur is now completely alone she has no one

just wanna sleep till we get the s2 confirmation cause I can’t anymore I’m so tired

As if I’m not depressed enough I know have to worry over ratings ?