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Jessica William

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If you’re a Democrat who supports Biden Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s fight to get back all of the public land that Trump gifted to billionaires — and are looking for the latest breaking news, please RT and follow this account to be immediately notified when we tweet.

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Idaho now has a universal dnr for its state due to the delta variant outbreak. Regardless of cause any patient will not be resuscitated due to hospital strain and threat to health care workers by airborne pathogens.

A Sloth enjoying a boat trip is a beautiful thing

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Today marks one year since we lost our beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg…and the Supreme Court lost its mind.

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Opinion | Why I violated Texas’s extreme abortion ban - The Washington Post I thank this Dr for doing the right thing. He understands a woman’s right to choose saves lives

It’s fun to make fun of trumps insurrectionists for a failed rally today. I am loving the jokes but, (and it’s a big one), there are 20 million of his followers who believe violence and death are just fine if they can reinstate him

Here's live footage of the Trump rally in Washington DC.

I’ve been sober for 1 month today. I was drinking alcohol to deal with the pain I was bringing home. I decided to look the demon straight in the eye & slay it, rather than run from it. I know 1 month is not a huge milestone for most but it means a lot to me. One day at a time. 🤟

Hi, I am David’s partner Lorraine. I am so sorry and heartbroken to say that David passed away on Friday 10th September after a short hard battle with cancer. David enjoyed many hours chatting with you all. Thank you for being his friend. David will be sorely missed forever 💔.

Good morning L a u r i e! Happy Saturday y'all! I followed all that I wasn't. Just like I promise. Love y'all!