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Jessica William

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Adam - the stars are brightly shining...a few seconds of bliss

Happy birthday, . I’m proud to call you a brother and a friend — and I’m grateful for your selfless service to this nation.

Raphael Warnock says Congress must set baseline standards for voting; Congress must ensure every eligible voter is able to stand up for Democracy has promised to continue the voting rights fight Raphael is worth his salt; we must re-elect

Jim Jordan took Big Pharma money and protected high drug prices. He took Wall Street money and let the Big Banks run wild. He took billionaire money, cut their taxes and tried to slash Social Security to pay for it. Jordan doesn't work for Ohio. He works for his big donors.

With vaccine SO CLOSE for kids, doing everything to keep them safe in school come September makes all kinds of sense. That means masking every child. We wouldn't EVER take their seat belts off 3/4s of the way through the road trip. This ain't one bit different.

Mike Garcia broke his oath to uphold our democratic values when he voted to overturn the 2020 election. We deserve to be represented by someone who will lead with integrity. I did it for 20 years in the Navy, and I’m ready to do it again in Congress.

My name is Scott Sturm & I am a 20 year veteran of EMS & I am running to unseat Chip Roy in Texas' 21st District. It's time someone worked for the people. Please donate $5 to help kick Chip Roy out of office!

I am so tired of this shit. Fuck your feelings. You have 3 choices: Get vaccinated Mask up Or, sit the fuck home and let the rest of us live our lives. You are a danger to America. Again, fuck your feelings.

Jim Jordan protected Matt Gaetz's committee seat and bankrolled Marjorie Taylor Greene's campaign. And we're going to hold him accountable for it. Sign up to help.

Of all of your accomplishments, I know that being a present, loving father to our girls tops them all. Thank you for never letting the weight of the world get in the way of being a wonderful husband and father. Happy 60th birthday, ! 💕

Trumplicans make me giggle 😆🤣 No wonder you guys are the laughing stock of the world Seriously, we mock the living fcuk out of you. You're a god damm punch line

Georgia Sen. Jon just announced he’s introducing a new voting rights measure that includes a first-ever statutory right to vote in federal elections.

Happy 60th birthday to President Obama, and many more! 🎉💐

Nobody, and I mean nobody, should be able to stand between a woman and her doctor, especially Mike Garcia. When I get to Congress I'll protect this fundamental right that my opponent seeks to destroy.

Great to see such strong support for the Infrastructure Bill moving through the Senate this week!