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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Me getting in good trouble this past winter.

Beautiful Fall day at the golf course.

Trump supporter tells The Daily Show that Trump is still 'flying around the world on Air Force One' Hahaha 😝😄😆😂 The ignorance is astounding. What’s scary is there are millions of Trump supporters who believe Trump won! Oh vey!

U.S. Presidents 😬

Hollywood, stop hiring this horrendous, toxic man to act or direct any project. And don't reply that every person deserves redemption. He's done not one thing to earn it.

Y’all look at Eric Trump’s shovel.

Good Morning! This guy visited me in my office early today eating an acorn. Have a great day!🌼🌞☕

Risky Business: Some Capitol Riot Defendants Forgo Lawyers And Represent Themselves

Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell Dead After COVID Complications

'I'm So Stupid': MAGA Fan Who Attacked Officer Mike Fanone Called Himself A 'Piece Of S**t'

My great dane after his spa day!

First we learn Sinema spent the week of recess in Paris, instead of in AZ with her constituents. Then we find out the $1.1 million she raised in 3Q came 90% out of state, with a huge influx from Big Pharma execs who want to block part of bill to cap prices. This is diabolical 😡

Here, feel better? Two men. One has (and continues) to serve his country. The other is a hack, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, that still makes fun of gays and lesbians.

I'd stand with this guy any day over Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson.

Who else thinks Tucker Carlson is pure trash?

Tucker Carlson mocked Pete Buttigieg for being a gay parent, asking "how breastfeeding went for him". Fuck Fox news & every single advertiser they have. This is disgusting. Tucker is an insecure coward with a dick so small, it's inverted. He's jealous because his wife hates him.

If was a real man he’d look like this: