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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

😊❤️😊 You’ll be hard pressed to see anything as beautiful & tender as this tonight!

🏈🏈 3-0!!! GO Eagles… let’s get after it this year! 🍊

Justice for J6 was a bust. Here is the view from the National Mall. Note the crowd size:

Good morning guys, lets get this awesome resister sister to 20k followers please Follow/Retweet please Thank you so much 💙

If doggos like then he must be safe 🙂 Seriously, check out his Meg Ryan “tummy hurts” meme 😂😆😂

😊 Great reminder - kindness & generosity never go out of style 🧡

Been running since 1988 and a “new” pair of running shoes always excites me 🙂

😡😤🤬 WTAF is this… this is the #1 fundraising GOP legislator, right?

😂😆 “Jailed J6 defendant…” If this isn’t just the perfect prediction (and summation) of this afternoon’s planned event 😂

If you are vaccinated, retweet this If you are a Democrat, like this Proving a point

I can’t wait for this sex trafficking asshole to go to prison.

Because I feel that I suffer from “Outrage Fatigue” (prob similar to 70% of you all), these accounts always settle me 🙂

I mean seriously, what is up? Al Franken and Cuomo are gone but we have the likes of ubergropers Jordan, Geatz and Cawthorne reporting to work as usual? What about Crenshaw smearing a rape survivor to ruin her credibility? Why are we so nice?

BOOM: A majority of Americans believe you should have to be vaccinated to fly. Retweet if you do too!