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Jessica William

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We have now identified eight individuals connected to the Oct. 30, 2020, Biden-Harris bus harassment incident who also later attended the Capitol riot. At least seven took part in Facebook groups that we repeatedly warned the company about prior to Jan. 6.

Schiff calls out Merrick Garland for not investigating Trump’s known crimes, most particularly obstructing Mueller’s investigation, which I believe is as close as we’ve come to high-level confirmation that Garland has willfully placed Trump above the law.

I'm not too keen on the death penalty except for those that abuse animals

I’m trying to recall something that has outraged me as much as this.

California finished its ballot count from the 9/14 recall this month, final report coming this week. NO: 61.9% YES: 38.1% That's exactly the margin from Newsom's 2018 race, to the first decimal point. Turnout went from 12.7m that year to 12.8m this year.

Hey , you nervous bro?

😀😀I want to see some of the closets that gets used on.

do you think , upon referral from the House, will go after Bannon?

did you know that and share the same brain?

Today in 1976, played , SD. A reviewer observed: “Mixing his show with C&W songs full of blue moons & broken hearts with black Southern spirituals &, of course, the hits, had ladies crying hysterically & young girls charging the stage.”

Hey sign Kaep just to piss off the rest of the MAGA fans still watching NFL. Time for a clean sweep.

in a world full of people who couldn't care less, be someone who couldn't care more (sos_arms_georgiana_neagu IG)

All my friends at MIZ-ZOU - THIS is your governor.

I remember way back when they actually played basketball as an unselfish team.

don't be lulled into thinking the prosecution of insurrectionist is the doing everything, because they're not. The connected will walk.

The late oh so great GEORGE CARLIN on the seven words you could not say on Television in 1978. Genius.

I don't expect to do anything with referrals after listening to Harry Litman.