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Jessica William

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John Doe

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Hey twitter friends, I'm thinking about leaving twitter for awhile, can anybody give me a good reason to stay anymore, I'll base my decision on what you tell me.

Good morning Family! Happy Monday Weirdos!

Good morning! A rather overcast start to the day but I’m enjoying the cool, crisp air, all snuggled up in a hoodie with some hot coffee. May your coffee be strong and your Monday short!! ☺️☕️🌧

I have followed back over 30k resisters! If you are a resister, Pro-Biden, Pro-Democracy, Anti-Trump, and Anti-Trumpism and I have not followed you back, please let me know.

Rob Reiner DOJ says Trump must testify if called. This is HUGE!

I am a “breakthrough “ Covid case. Day 4. I was vaxxed in March. I live in Pensacola, Fl. So, I will leave it to your imagination about how many neighbors/ coworkers got the vaccine. I am feeling better, today. No hospital for me. I am 61. No respirator. No ER.

Kevin McCarthy should NEVER be allowed to be Speaker of the House. Keep the gavel away from him.

I am having trouble controlling my anger at those idiots who didn't get vaccinated. It is their fault we are having this surge in the virus again. Are you angry too?

Alexander Vindman is a real patriot. Not the phony Republican kind.

Happy Sunday! I just got home after doing last minute errands before I leave for Miami. I’ve been reading thru the replies from u amazing, beautiful people. Actually teared up! Sorry for my dramatics, just one of those days. Today is a new day. Hope ur having a relaxing day! ❤️🕊

Who wants a Sunday boost?

Kyle asked, Super Bowl or bust for the ? So I answered….🤔😄

Ok lovers and haters. It’s that time again. Bar is open! Happy Friday 🙌.

Freaky frisky Friday in full effect 🍑

This is the way it should be.....

Cut off federal money to states that refuse mask mandate and do not provide vaccines to all people. Just do it !!! Save lives.

Ullmark ending his note to Buffalo with before he heads to Boston is legendary stuff.

SAD FACT: The last words from a growing number of people who refused to get vaccinated are "I should have gotten vaccinated."

Josh Allen really is one of the most genuine dudes in the NFL and everyone finds some type of reason to hate on him it’s sad.