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CL SPICY MV: behind the the scenes shot

Mino, does it ever drive you crazy?

now that mino’s lost has finally ended i just wanna thank the staff for letting jiwon live one of his dreams 💛

mino and jiwon confirmed post malone fanboys

The way it would've sounded if they didn't remove the audio 😁🤣

jiwon: there’s a thief Y too mino: there’s thief x AND y? jiwon: it goes all the way up to z will we get mino lost s2 and s3! 👀

daejoo writer’s dying message says NA(?) na pd: daejoo it wasn’t me… GET UP TELL THEM IT WASNT ME staff: please don’t touch the dead body 😂😂😂

eun jiwon / singer debuted in 1997 likes: sweet things dislikes: the moon

jiwon’s obsession with magic eye illusion puzzle continues spoiler alert: it is NOT a magic eye puzzle lol

they didn’t wanna leave daejoo writer on the floor the whole time so they subbed his “corpse” for shin myohan loool

mino: AHHH— a d-d-d-dead body??? jiwon: why does it keep moving???? give daejoo writer an oscar 🤣

mino and jiwon doing a celebratory dance but the staff had to edit out the song because of copyright 😂 tmi: the song is called “sunflower” 🌻

i have work in less than an hour…

i was gonna stay up and watch this last ep of mino lost but it’s in 480p lmaooooo

what the heck… i’m pulling a jiwon. i can’t see the hidden message 😩😂

ziont with slom teaching about the production process of his song <complex ft g-dragon> via wonderwall’s music creation class!

Eun Jiwon’s “Drunken in Melody” mentioned on <20th Century Hit Song> and is ranked #4 on a list of hit songs from artists who went from group to solo. Heechul mentions it’s song that you sing as if you were drunk— tmi: Jiwon really did record this song while drunk.

약간 눈 어질어질해지는 스타일! 근데 마지막 사진 손가락은 왜 저러고 있었는지 이유가 기억나지 않습니다😂

“bitch i’m sad”

Omg D'splay covered Daesung's song そばにいてよ (곁에 있어줘) Soba ni ite yo (Stay By My Side) 😭😭😭😭😭💕

i kind of miss the simplicity of the prev game eun jiwon eps with studio lululala, but we’ll see how diatv does in future eps. it’s just nice to see jiwon’s YT active again 💛