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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Should he stay or should he go now? If he stays it may be trouble...but if he goes it could be double...

Unpopular opinion: if Montreal relies on Petry as 1D, they’re going nowhere! Or he better get off his cruise control mode. He’s predictable, slow decision making, coasting! He better start earning that $6.25M!

fans will love Dvorak! No doubt about this guy!

Jusqu'en 2030 ✨ Until 2030.

Tampa Bay Rays kind of gave the game to Red Sox in the 9th! Feel bad for the pitcher who ended up with 2 runners in scoring position following two insignificant grounders! That’s baseball!

Pauvre “Baron” au . Tellement vide de sens! Dvorak qui n’a rien prouvé? est dans un vacuum d’expertise. On revient avec toujours la même recette, recette désuète depuis des années. Très peu à l’écoute de l’audience!

I have to laugh at Normand Flynn’s comment about not reading social media but considering that if people comment on him, it’s bc they’re interested in his thoughts! Nope! It’s bc RDS keeps putting you on! We don’t have a choice! Don’t forget: “Trade Suzuki”!

Hope the and Victoria Government stand their ground on this. Djoker shouldn’t be excepted from the 💉 requirement. 🎾

Love Guhle but he’s not ready. One more year in PA, World Juniors… He’s a “blue chip” though!

Done that couple years ago. Good platform.

To all the folks worried that What's App and Messenger is down too. Just get Signal. Does the same thing but also makes promises to honour your privacy.

Unpopular opinion I’m sure but, Canadian football is really not a good product. I am really trying to like it but…

Absolument dégoûtant! Absolutely disgusting! Let’s see what kind of backbone will show!

BREAKING NEWS: California bans all state travel to Ohio over its new law which allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and even health insurance companies to deny medical services to LGBTQ+ Americans based on their own bigoted religious beliefs. RT IF YOU SUPPORT CALIFORNIA’S MOVE!

Extreme left ready to work with right/extreme right? Hate must go on!

Courez la chance de gagner une copie gratuite de La Dame en Bois

One of my favourites! Weird in the funniest way! Un de mes favoris, différent mais le plus drôle possible!