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Jessica William

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well a lot of people would have been punished for offending TFG. He would have taken all the guns by now and be making moves to disband both congress and the senate. The military would be led by loyalists and the 4th Reich would be born

I can only assume John Kennedy will put on his white robes and leave a burning cross on Obama's lawn

It is odd that companies require a masters degree for a cashier's job

The one to watch out for is the Lambda variant that was just found in Texas. It appears to be immune to the vaccines and is more contagious than the Delta variant and deadlier. Just in time for back to school

BREAKING: A Democrat is now leading Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2022 election in new poll

Here’s a nice treat. Have a wonderful day my friends. 🥰🥰🥰

Texas man who called vaccines 'poison' dies from COVID-19 after spending 17 days on a ventilator How many more stories like this will play out before MAGAts follow the doctor's advice?

Odd this is a crisis in the making and a 2 week delay is nothing more than a gustation period. In a crisis action and enforcement needs to be immediate

If Newsmax, Fox and the others were actual news networks they would have run all the stories on Trump, Gaetz and others as they were big substantiated stories not just concentrate on rumors and hearsay about the Dems. This makes them a propaganda outlet only.

BREAKING: Former President Trump has asked a federal judge to block the release of his tax returns to Congress

Time to mandate vaccines and mask countrywide. The Lambda variant is prevalent in Peru and has already shown up in the US. It is more contagious than Delta and appears to be vaccine resistant. Those that are unvaccinated must be quarantined or they will kill millions

talk about being resurrected from the dead

if this is one of those "who wore it best" things I think its a fail on both sides. On an unrelated issue I never notice the Don Jr. has abnormally tiny feet

This high school student, Christopher Justice, does a great job at explaining the Confederate flag and its problems.

Ron DeSantis cleansing Floriduh on public school at a time

In many ways it doesn't seem right especially when the investigation into Trump should have been underway for about 4 years. I can only assume it is much bigger case against Trump. One might also ask why is the media now silent on Trumps assaults

well Jared found him on Amazon. Navarro is trained and educated unfortunately the entire world of his piers consider his theories bordering on the lunatic fringe. Both he and Kudlow constantly spoke out on areas they knew nothing about

The new measurement for stupid is how many pillows you have and Navarro has none