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after listening to the news this morning 14 yr old says: “It’s strange that people think that a vaccine that has helped millions of people will kill them but a virus that has killed millions of people won’t.”

For such a non story it sure is explosive. No wonder ⁦⁦⁩ sued his own MP and House speaker to seal these records.

Global News colleague ⁦⁩’s excellent interview with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau

Memo to : You don't get to decide what Canadians care about and you certainly don't get to decide what journalists ask you. Another excellent interview from !

This is an amazing end to this interview of by journalist Same one where he heckled a protestor. Later, he heckled Neetu for not asking the right questions and she schools him. Full interview below

Federal scientists refused to speak with doctors on pandemic planning “in light of the election,” says Canadian Medical Association Journal . Public Health Agency & said “check back after Thanksgiving.”

Liberal candidate Ron McKinnon shooting an AR-15 at one of Canada's many gun clubs. Nice shot!

Murder rate down 8% under Harper but up 20% under Trudeau. Bill Blair replies that "numbers alone don't tell the story"

The Liberals say that people flipping homes is a main issue for housing affordability. One of their Vancouver candidates has made nearly $5 million flipping houses, many held for less than a year. Check out this train wreck of an interview

Well, this is awkward, star Liberal candidate says she can't defend . Details at the link. Read and RT

It costs you nothing to be kind. You might just make someone’s day — and maybe their life. Good on you, John Cena. Needed this today. Break out the tissues…

Liberal strategist: 'Nothing could have been dumber than Trudeau saying he doesn't think about monetary policy. Maryam Monsef: 'Hold my beer."

Here’s a pic of Prime Minister getting his publicly funded vaccine administered by a privately funded pharmacist in a for-profit pharmacy. These types of partnerships help our health system function more effectively for Canadians.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY, AUG. 15 2021 UK PM Boris Johnson recalls parliament for emergency session to determine next-steps to evacuate Afghanistan Canadian PM Justin Trudeau dissolves parliament and calls a pandemic election to secure himself a majority government

Sustained global pressure isn’t asking them to follow our lead. It’s sanctions that hit them in their purse strings.Thanks for telling me I don’t understand while you live in a fantasy world believing everyone asking them nicely while destroying their own economy will work 2/2

And all it took was questioning his bias to get blocked haha.

This is so tired. Stop campaigning on our ovaries.

Trudeau blames NDP for snap election call

New to me, might be new to you. The Trudeau government has renamed the "Gas Tax Fund" the "Canada Community-Building Fund". Program doesn't change -- including the source of its funding the, er, federal gas tax.