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Jessica William

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Happy 60th birthday to President Obama, and many more! 🎉💐

Happiest of birthdays to America’s favorite President, Barack Obama.

WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY? Why isn't Matt Gaetz behind bars pending trial?

Happy Wednesday y’all ♥️🌸♥️ Getting closer to Friday (yes, I thought Monday was Friday 😳😳😳) Temps in Raleigh 69 and high of 75. Such a great day.

If Marcus Flowers wins, Marjorie Taylor Greene loses. So please donate and help him.

Scott Dworkin led and continues to lead the digital Resistance against Trump and the GQP. He is currently less than 5.5K followers away from 1 million! Retweet, follow and let’s get him to a million!

BREAKING NEWS: Florida Gov. DeSantis GOES OFF on a reporter who asks him if a mask mandate would have saved the 7 Florida children currently fighting for their lives in the Intensive Care Unit, calling the reporter’s question “deplorable.” RT IF YOU THINK DESANTIS IS DEPLORABLE!

RT if you want Louis DeJoy fired

My friend, Nathalie Jacoby, has a twitter impersonator. It's happened to me 4-5 times over the years. It's horrible. I think we should help her? You know what to do.

BREAKING NEWS: FOX News “Judge” Napolitano is FIRED after a male production assistant sues the network, accusing him of sexually harassing him on an elevator. The suit also accuses him of “sexually harassing numerous young male employees.” RT if you think he should be LOCKED UP!

Well I am pandering for 106 follows to hit the 9K mark if anyone can help a fellow resistor out with a follow or a RT it would be appreciated. I will follow back.

BREAKING NEWS: Trumper Mike Lindell announces that MyPillow has already lost over $65 million over his support of Trump and his Big Lie — after being dropped by America’s biggest retailers, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sam’s Club, and Kohl’s. RT if you think he DESERVES it!

There is an account that is pretending to be me. This is the second time that this has happened to me. I just reported it. The name handle of the fake account is: Please retweet.

Okay, y'all... is one of my favorite people on this whole damn twitter thing. She's sweet, kind, encouraging, engaging, likes cool music, & has fabulous hair! 😄 She's only about 500 followers away from 10K. Can we make that happen today, guys? I think we can! 🤜💥🤛

Between voting rights, gerrymandering and the 's skill at cheating, we're going to have to fight tougher than ever before for It's going to be a fucking war for Democracy. It's okay to retweet b/c of the "f" word, btw. And we need 91 million votes in 2024!

Maybe today will be my day to finally reach 25k. I’m about 700 away. All help appreciated. ❤️I love every damn one of you ❤️

Hi guys one of the absolute sweetest men on here could really use a boost. He supports us all, he’s always lovely and so polite. Please if you’re not already following do so. Thank you.❤️

Since we're removing Confederate statues, how about we remove the filibuster! to save our democracy.

Troubling that this video has brought more threats from Trump followers than almost any other. What I like to do in these situations is just keep retweeting. Maybe you like to do the same.

NEW VIDEO: August 1, 2021. Narrated by 600,000+ Americans dead. Please quote tweet/retweet