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Jessica William

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Why do people not read others’ profiles? When someone has “🚫DM” in their profiles like I do, please respect that & not DM me as soon as I follow you back. I will unfollow you immediately if you DM me. My friends know they can DM me whenever. But please respect our request. 🙏

Some are very angry that Saskatchewan HCWs like myself are "being political". We are being told to "stay in our lanes." I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to go back to my boring anonymous life, if our elected officials stopped "being medical" & "stayed in their lanes" too.

Most of the news media in Canada doesn’t give a shit about the truth. All they care about is the almighty dollar and moneyed people. I’m reluctant to call them Canadian media since many of them are American-owned.

its only Monday and you’ve already used up all your stupid points for the week.

That Montreal Canadiens Captain Shea Weber travelled to Seattle to be with his team while he’s on LTIR and being held together by scotch tape is the least surprising thing ever.

Careful, Julie has a mean slapshot

Being a health risk to others is not a human right. Get vaccinated.

I don't know about you, only a monster would take vision care from children and seniors!

Holy crap. You can’t make this shit up. How is it possible for MAGA’s and Conservatives to be this stupid?

Its a good thing Ontario is taking Covid ICU patients from Sask. But remember, our doctors are exhausted too. Not sure how many more unvaccinated Covidiots they can treat before they all lose their collective 💩. Vaccinating them before they go home should be part of the deal.

Mulcair is an idiot. Freeland isn't positioning herself as anything. Trudeau has positioned her as backup. With countless daily death threats stoked by CPC_NDP trash, PMJT has responsibly covered his own potential demise.

I won’t get into it really because it’s personal but my last therapy session like actually kinda sorta helped me figure out my shit and what I wanted to potentially do with my life??? Like therapy has been the best thing I ever did guys.

Canada's Conservatives are following the same fascist playbook as Republicans. 💀🍁💀🇺🇲

Furthermore, as a vaccinated Canadian taxpayer, I DO NOT, approve of my tax dollars being used to support ant-vaxxers who willfully lost their jobs. And who were given repeated warnings and more then adequate time to get vaccinated so they could keep their jobs. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Yaaaaaasssss!!! Canada 🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️ Thank you so much for the mention Bec! So honoured to be with these amazing Canadians 🙏🏼✨🇨🇦❤️🙏🏼💫 Another amazing Canadian:

Yes. Under cause for dismissal since they were warned numerous times.

Yes. They’re not being fired for the personal beliefs on vaccines; they’re being fired for not adhering to their workplace’s policies. Before the pandemic, ppl got fired for that all the time—ppl didn’t qualify then, the same rules apply now.

Holding the 80% of eligible Canadians and all of our younger children hostage is vindictive by the anti-vaxxers. If these people chose to lose their jobs due to their decision then they shouldn’t be eligible for EI. The days of tolerating their resistance needs to be over.