Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

"The Crutch Ultimatum" w/

Morning Tweeps!! ✌👻🍂

To all my new ! You may hear some rather explicit tweets especially when talking of oh god! And and that beast . Now I'm sweating.. Anyhow please do those sexy people.. And my kingpin love you all 💘

Where are my manners? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO a Goddess.. you people better bow down to this lady and send her some love i even missed out on the cake.

Are you following ? Not for the Pearl clutchers 😜 but an absolutely stellar human with the best and strongest heart. Love ya sister. Safe travels

I've been called many things Darkone Classic Bitch Katie Bug Trouble Whore Sassy Bitch Gob shite Dark Angel Sweetheart C*** Legend But still I don't let shit get to my head..

Someone just mentioned Anita Bryant’s granddaughter is marrying a woman and maybe God was just late and she’s hilarious.

Why is it that people walking around with faces like smacked arses, come on now sun's out it's hot it's Friday, SMILE FOR GOODNESS SAKES..

Brace for impact today on the professional front. Thanks to a ... More for Leo

Right before I travel let's do a home covid test..

Ok guys I've been invited 18 Halloween parties, Jesus how am I going to do this? Wow

Oh cool my vampire grills came.. For Halloween, yup I'm gonna be a vampire meets with a hint of & I'm going to be sexy as hell

Someone really needs to keep telling me to open my mail Jesus box full to open, just thank god there was no bills. Mind I pay them each month..

Yo ya got a haircut, suits you man hope your well and are keeping well.. Sending love to you both.. Oh and my copy of that vampire novel came, I look forward to reading it.. cheers for the recommendation stay safe.

MORNING!! Did I just make you jump good time to get this Friday show on the road..

Ok someone call 911 is on twitter.. Oh what the heck are you doing answering the phone click here to find out showing now on

Hey I know you caught me stalking you in your fridge, But did you know when you say get the fuk out, sounded sexy as hell.. Ok I'm out of your fridge where shall I go now?