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Jessica William

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If you haven't seen this, you should watch. Pure inspiration.

Columbus Day: when ppl who think immigrants are thieves, rapists & murderers get to celebrate an immigrant who thieved, raped & murdered.

it's lucky for Donald Trump that he's just a privileged white man openly committing sedition, obstruction of justice and witness tampering, and not, for example, a black man selling loose cigarettes on a street corner, because there are serious consequences for that

You’re not “conservative”, “pro-life”, or remotely “Christian” if you’re cool with treating the planet with contempt in order to benefit a bunch of nihilistic billionaires. You’re an inversion of the values you claim to uphold.

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The gift that will apparently keep giving..🤦‍♂️

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My older brother posted this. I thought it was Perfect

The GOP wants us to default on our debt, die from COVID, and worship a lying jackass. They are just filled with great ideas. Oh I forgot this one, have your rapist’s baby.

Billionaire tax dodgers are robbing our country and our economy blind.

Remembering all the NY City Fire Department officers and other first responder heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice!  

Get vaxxed or be restricted. Your choice. Dont @ me with your bullshit cause IDGAF.

Texas: where a virus has reproductive rights and a woman does not😵‍💫

If you’re pregnant, we want you to know there is a network of abortion funds and support networks that will do everything in their power to help you get the information and care you need. Go to to find out more, including how to contact an abortion fund.

On Sept. 11, 2001, then-Capt. Chris Donahue was working at the Pentagon as special assistant to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs. He led a Delta Force squadron in northern Afghanistan during the surge a decade ago, and was the top special operations commander there in 2019-20.

I can hardly bear that Biden is trying to contemporaneously solve the pandemic, Afghanistan, a Cat 4 Hurricane, a rebellion and the worst psy-ops attack this nation has ever seen, and "the narrative" is that maybe the airlift is imperfect.

Flash Flood Emergency including Dalcour LA, Braithwaite LA until 11:00 PM CDT