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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Friends, I have a special request. Please help me get the word out about ’s new book . Can I ask for 5k retweets to make this trend in the next half hour?🙏🏻

BLAME THOSE RESPONSIBLE: 👇 At this point, if you know someone who is either struggling for their life, or worse, has died of the Delta Variant…blame the fucking Republicans. It’s because of their selfishness, and stupidity, that this is all happening, again!

I just cannot help but share...

Jim Jones was able to convince his followers to drink cyanide, Trump has convinced his to not take a vaccine

Florida spikes with their highest one day COVID total yet. DeSantis is doing a great job of leading the grave.

Only Qevin McMoron could come up with a "joke" about violence to women...

Incredible. Don Jr. Is attacking after they used his own words against him when he said people should he vaxxed in order to vote. Can we get 1,000 replies with the hashtag to get it trending and ruin his day even more?

How about all of the anti mask, anti vaccine elected officials that are killing people show us their stuff. Go to your nearest hospital and volunteer. Change bed sheets, get patients water, whatever. Show us your not worried.

Did you ever ask yourself how Germans let the Holocaust happen? Ever wonder how blind loyalty won over human decency on such a grand scale? Now you know.

My pillow guys uses prison labor to make his pillows, pass it on.

Let’s show our support to the heroes of January 6 brave men who defend our democracy .💙💙 I am not asking much just share if you support this brave man💙

Retweet this immediately: the GOP are traitors to this country and hate law enforcement.

Yesterday, Florida reported 16,000+ new COVID-19 cases, almost 100 new deaths, and dozens of new hospitalizations around the state. Ron DeSantis was in Utah giving a speech to a GOP group. This tells you all you need to know.

Simone Biles is one of the greatest athletes of all time. She has done feats of athleticism none have done before Yet, Fox News & Republicans chide her for dropping out of her events to tend to her health All this coming from wussie snowflakes who are upset about wearing a mask

Make no mistake, you're a moron.