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Doug Ford’s French lessons: “The pandemic made me stop it. I'll get there, but I just wanted to be safe. I couldnt take the classes when I’m telling other people to go online and take classes.” 👉Lecce says it’s safe 👉Or you could do hybrid. 👉Or you’re lying✅

Christine Elliott is currently doing a commercial, sorry, presser from SDM.

So let me get this straight. The Premier of Ontario, who has literally missed 66% of Question Periods this year & is on track for only 29 total days of work for 2021….accused immigrants of being lazy?

The brought to you by Shoppers with running healthcare from their stores. Where is the Auditor-General? Numbers on how much has been donated to the Ontario PCs? When we could have free

Thanks for promoting our research . We published these findings in in Aug 2020: I hope to bring this expertise to Queen’s Park as an MPP where I will work with all parties to both fix and reimagine ’s system.

You know who created the hospital shortage? Hospital leaders & executives. Agency work/Part time work because they are too cheap to pay for benefits. Nursing programs with their ableist viewpoints. Nurses who eat their young. Physicians that treat nurses bad, burnout, disrespect

Doug Ford saying his gov is for the “front-line, hard-working union people” is not true. They dragged their feet on paid sick days (which expired last month) & slapped us in the face with Bill 124. Actions speak louder than words .

Kids have the right to go to school without being harassed or confronted with hate of any kind You can’t sell cannabis within 150 metres of a school; you shouldn’t be able to be promote hate within 150 metres of a school either

This kind of divisive language is deeply disappointing. A Premier is supposed to unite Ontarians, not wedge us further apart. As a son of immigrants, I know first-hand how people like my parents helped to build Ontario. Doug Ford should apologize for his callous comments.

I feel insulted! This is the voice of privilege right here! Says the Premier who's hardly working. should apologize for this racist comment. Completely unacceptable! How much "harder" should we work?

Today, Doug Ford chose to traffic in demeaning stereotypes about new Ontarians looking to build a better life for their families.   He should apologize. But we've been here before. Sadly, this is who he is. Our diverse, welcoming province deserves better.

True! Coverage on the missing millions of and the fact that Shoppers is selling what should be free please? Send it to the Auditor

It's next level gaslighting for Premier Ford to suggest that mandatory vaccinations for HCWs will lead to a shortage of nurses. Nurses are quitting because of poor working conditions & Bill 124 which freezes our wages below inflation rate.

Are there free Covid test centers for travel? $150 at is half the cost of my flight:(. In NYC I can get a free test for flight back via mobile van. Do better . Enough w the allegiances that once again about People

People need to stop comparing separatist sentiment in Quebec and Alberta. Go to Montreal, to Quebec City. It's understandable why they see themselves as different from the rest of Canada. There is distinct language/culture. Now go to Edmonton. It's Winnipeg, with a pay raise.

crisis is one govt can end immediately IF they want to. Optometrists are healthcare professionals, small biz owners and they are caring for some of our most vulnerable community members. Ford's lack of action IS a direct attack against kids and seniors.

Interesting campaign tactic. The would cancel Highway 413 and spend those billions on education and child care. Benefits all of Ontario instead of Ford’s donors. “Developers with ties to Ford government stand to cash in on Hwy. 413”:

NEW: The TTC says it will terminate employees that are not vaccinated or refuse to provide proof of vaccination as of December 31st. "Unfortunately, we have to take these steps."

Electoral reform and working towards a more democratic system is a key issue for me. I am beyond excited that and the Party will implement a ranked ballot system if elected in June.

Good morning, A reminder that in 231 days we can elect a government that fights for everyday people, not lobbyists and special interests.