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Jessica William

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It's almost Fathers Day. Rather than celebrating, I will spend Fathers Day working to prevent other dads from losing children to gun violence. I need your help sending a message to DC. Let's make the biggest # of all time with 1,000,000 RT's. Let's do this.

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I am sitting at the very front of my CTA blue line car. Watching the flashing lights and the bouncing train car in front of me in a darkened tunnel on the way to O’Hare is almost a Disney™️ experience. 💙🚊✈️

Guys...I’m 58 years old and have been very happily married for 34 years now. I’m old enough to be your mom and, in some cases, your grandma. “No DMs” means exactly that. And put that thing away. No one wants to look at your little winkie.😘

Happy Sunday, y’all! 💙

Hi . So, you’re spreading dangerous and deadly lies about Covid vaccines on your show nightly. But I think you know that. If you’d like to have a real discussion about the vaccines, send me a message and I’d happily come on the show.

I grew up in the Houston area, but now live in the Chicago area. They have similar traffic issues, but I’m pretty sure you’d never see this in Chicago! HA! 🤣🤣🤣

I am a Democrat running to be Governor of Virginia and the first Black woman to be Governor in this nation's history. I am a public defender, Democrat and a foster mother. This is my second TV ad. Please retweet it to help me win.

American Families Plan That is the strongest tweet today. Let someone know.

32 years of marriage, y’all. 😆 We still got it. (Forgot where we put it but whatevs!)

Hey, Midwest people! If you haven’t received your Covid vaccine, yet, Meijer is ready for you! ❤️❤️❤️

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Retweet if you’re getting vaccinated to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

White allies.. ALL allies!! These are my sons. As we head into summer, please keep your phones ready when you’re out. It’s the only way we will get justice! My boys are counting on you. So am I! Please share, my fam would appreciate it!

I am back from my 7-day banishment to Twitter jail. Apparently, you simply cannot agree with a verified account that Trump is a big ol’ c-word. 🙄 Anyway, thanks to and , I have many new followers to . ❤️ Be assured I’m FB-ing and fast as I can!

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Ok lots of messages asking about it's super simple try to spread love, hope, encouragement and joy instead of hate, anger, disrespect and disregard towards each other that's it simple your in. If this is you I want to be friends. Please retweet 4 all to know.