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Jessica William

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My First Nations band has gone into lockdown from the fourth wave of Covid. Seven tested positive. A member contracted the virus at Prince George hospital. He is in critical condition. Another member was turned away from a local hospital.

This person tried to get ivermectin at a pharmacy but the pharmacist refused.

Okay ladies and gentle I'm going to call it an evening watch a little TV again I will mention I will be putting out a list of accounts that are under 5,000 if you'd like to be added just drop your handle I'll post it at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow before the Seahawks game.

They knew what they were doing

Yes, it’s raw☺️

Let’s be like Italy. Exactly like Italy.

Um...where did you get this picture of me, may I ask???

Vernon area photographer captures image of two red bugs, but does not know what they are

Strange. They claim they were just organizing the event not the insurrection but they needed pardons from Gosar? Why?

No sleep for awhile I guess. 🌪

“GQP 2.0”? GTFOH! “Lord, give me the confidence of a mediocre white man”- Sarah Hagi

Last week as we stood in line for our influenza immunization, a couple were standing around. To check if they were ahead of me, I asked, "are you getting your vaccine?" They answered, "No! we're never getting vaccinated, we're just waiting for our flu shot!"

Say loud and say it proud Steve! Good for you.

How does this fool, not cover up his Address?

Our Spanish is rusty BUT Speaking of the trump “wall” - did you know that the way it was built, they have to open flood gates for months at a time because of weather. Unmonitored gates. But the GQP WILL NOT talk about that.

Florida politicians acting like the inevitable decline in Covid deaths after a horrific surge constitutes some kind of win is like firefighters declaring victory because the flames slowed after the house burned to the ground.