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Jessica William

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Colorado avalanche fans on suicide watch !!

1st replay get a pair of tickets to tonight’s game. Race begins NOW

Everyone needs to calm down and trust the process ! let the guys have some time to gel together and the injured players to comeback and this team will find their way !

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Working on exact terms, but hearing Montreal and Nick Suzuki are closing in on a long-term extension. Good way to start the season.

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For anyone who is speculating about Price’s absence stop. He doesn’t have the luxury of keeping this issue private cause he’s an athlete. Absolutely disgusting what I’ve been seeing.

We love you !! best wishes to one of the greats !

Facebook users searching for their Twitter password at the moment💀💀😂

Me: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are down. Professor: That's where Twitter comes in

Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram down , Twitter surprise made fuck 🤣🤣 Meanwhile Twitter users be like Where are you Mark Zuckerberg

Sur l'écran géant du Centre Bell, ce soir: Playing tonight on the big screen:

Ça s’en vient… Soon...

Yo will you give a follow to if she wins the US Open like you did with when she won ? 🤭

Joe Rogan: I'm not putting that COVID vaccine in my body! Who knows what it could do? Also Joe Rogan: I got COVID so I took monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies, Z-Pak, some pills I found stuck in the cabinet, steroids, and long expired Crystal Pepsi.

LATEST NEWS | Leo will not continue with FC Barcelona