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lee zii jia: “when i was young i loved kpop and i always watched kdrama, i think i can communicate well in korean” OH MY GOD????

AYYY lee zii jia said if he had a chance to release / sing a song he would omgomggk

i had a nosebleed right after seeing that he was live

“lepak with lee zii jia” live now ! he said “hi kak” 😭😭😭😭

一万种情绪 ( 10 Thousand Emotions, In Portrait ) is out ‼️ you can check it out @ lee zii jia’s instagram 😭❤️

this is it guys this is the end of me

HAHHAHA so lee zii jia has been receiving too much food😭 and hes saying dont worry he wont get fat because of his metabolism but if it keeps going on he’ll lose his 6 packs ! HAHHAHAHAHA so yes he appreciates our intentions but he’s asking that we don’t have to send food over 😇

i am not available to translate the live for those who need it now as i have things to do😔 really sorry but i suppose the live is gonna be in english / malay this time !

lee zii jia live now !! 🤩

lee zii jia live tonight @/revrehab.malaysia on insta🤩⁉️

seems like lee zii jia is having a great quarantine 👀

let’s talk about lee zii jia’s famous “taufik smash” ( backhand smash ) ⁉️ imagine the amount of power and skill you need 😭 a backhand skill is already difficult to master can you imagine a backhand smash oh my

he’ll be sharing his emotions throughout his journey, coinciding with the new OPPO Reno6 Z that’s coming out soon ! here’s a small clip of lee zii jia’s comforting voice💆‍♀️ from his douyin

so a lot of news have been announcing that lee zii jia has joined the OPPO family ! it seems like he’ll be producing a song called “Ten Thousand Emotions, In Portrait” (一万种情绪)

he was sent THREE nasi lemaks guys 😭 not two😭

he was making a reference of this old tweet btw😭

everyone he got his nasi lemak😭 and its TWO plates of them😭

lee zii jia choosing nasi lemak over anything rn😭 I CANT WITH HIM ITS SO FUNNY PLS

lee zii jia back in malaysia expecting to be able to eat nasi lemak again but the quarantine hotel doesn’t serve nasi lemak 😭😭😭 top tier irony

visual visual lee zii jia

update : he decided to try nasi kandar HAHAHHAHAHA