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Jessica William

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Jiwan : your eyebrows are also pretty ( Sol doing serious face ) Jiwan : ah, don't do it! Sol : why? I did it because I was fluttered. How fluttered is Sol! - help! my babies are so cute 😭 -

never forget this icon waist grabbing and that tension tho 🤧

I feel so empty now

they’re so real here 🥺

Sol being soft for Jiwan I miss my meow meows so much 🥺

how can I move on from them I miss them every day every hour 😭

sorry,, I forgot to cover other accounts earlier 🤧🤧

seoah left a comment on hojung’s ig post 🐰: unnie seduced me first!!!!! don’t tell me that seoah is whipped😭

personally, best scene of " I like you the most you’re my favorite person in the world "

I just miss them like crazy

seo ah’s ig story 🐰✨🦊🦋 I guess she’s missing F4 & like us

please bring them back missing hours open ~

I can’t express how much I miss them it has been 2 weeks since they left me

* min jihee * I’m sorry 😭😭

SolJiwan 😭😭😭😭 min heejin’s ig story update thank you so much for update we miss a lot

“it was a work that had a deep meaning to me, I felt a lot of affection while going on set. It was hard to break up with everyone, I am happy that Jiwan can be understood and loved by many people, I was honored and happy to be able to work with good seniors and the director”

"I want to thank everyone that loved nevertheless and Soljiwan, Jiwan got a lot of understanding and love, I feel am not as good considering all the love I received, I'll work hard to be a better actress Yoon seo-ah and a better person to repay all this"

Yoon Seoah in her recent interview talked about the memorable scene in Nevertheless "All the scenes are memorable, but the scene where I confessed to Sol while drunk is the most memorable, It was a good scene, I filmed it with a very trembling heart, there was a lot of tension"

both seoah and hyeji have mentioned about how much sohee helped them out during filming, she made them feel comfortable and always cheered for them so they could immerse in their characters even better ☹️🤍

"At the audition the director told me their is a character named Jiwan, he gave me the script and said to take my time to practice, 15mins later I came back in and read the script and they said that's our Jiwan"