Health: In addition to eating bitter gourd, it is used in many ways, know the amazing benefits

New Delhi Irritation comes from ear pain, injury while playing or many similar minor problems. But do you know you can get rid of all these problems with the bitter gourd in the market at Rs 80 per kg. You can also solve many problems by using its leaves and roots. In this news, know how the small, beneficial and very important benefits of bitter gourd can do wonders for you.

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Beneficial on wound
Often, the person has to face trouble for a short time but due to injury or boil. In this case, grind the bitter gourd root and apply it on the boil or injury area. If the root of bitter gourd is not found, you can also take its leaves. Grind them and heat it lightly and tie it on the wound. By doing this, the pus will end and the pain at the site of the wound will also be relieved.

Stomach Problems
Bitter gourd is bitter but can solve many problems related to your stomach. You will hardly know that along with bitter gourd vegetable, its juice is also beneficial. Not only this, bitter gourd leaves and peels can also provide solutions to all such problems.

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Helps in Stone
People have to go through an operation when there is a problem of stones, in which there is a lot of trouble. But by consuming bitter gourd juice, diagnosis of this problem can be found. This will help in removing the stones.

Pain in Ears
There are many benefits of bitter gourd juice, one of them is to remove the problem of ear pain. Drink fresh bitter gourd juice, remove the bitter gourd juice and put 3-5 drops in the ear. By doing this, you will get relief from pain soon.

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