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Jessica William

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look at his smile 🥺❤️

look at taehyung's proud smile while watching jungkook recording, soft 🥺

Chris watching hoseok recording with the widest smile on his face then going to the recording room to say "awesome!"😭

His smile when Chris asked them to tell JK he's so Impressive bcoz jungkook was little nervous ig... Hes like a broud bestie.. These the small moments I live for. The mutual love and respect and appreciation they have for each other. It's really rare 🥺

look at taehyung's smile while jk is recording, im too soft for this

taehyung’s smile when chris complimented jungkook 😭

The smile: the reason:

“I saw Chris Martin close his eyes and sing along with such a happy smile, it was a genuine look that came from his heart.” ㅡ 210926, Jeon Jungkook My Universe Documentary

my love, belle never lose that smile [ ]

vkf 🐯 : someone told me about love, that when we see someone we love do great things, I smile subconsciously. 👤 : why? 🐯 : because whatever he does always makes me feel better and I love him even more.

Taehyung reaction when Chris Martin complimented him on how perfectly he sing his part 🥺 their smile is so heartwarming!

I pay my respects with a smile when killing

You can imprison him but can you snatch this smile from his face? No You Can't

he really sincerely and adorable when he like one thing, he will put his whole heart into it..and while see his smile you will feel happiness too..

bang chan shy smile is the most adorable thing ever

Taehyung’s proud smile when chris praised jungkook 🥺 his jungkookie..

I just know at this moment jhope just pictured,directed,choreographed the whole dance break in his mind already with that smile on his face and his eyes closed screaming it’s gonna be so good by himself