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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Shannon catches on fast that’s right girl warn kyra

just look at how pretty and lovely person is Ariana grande. she’s one of the most radiant girl in world. sooo pretty🌷


cinco really upset. girl i cant do nothing but laugh

cash what do you mean you don’t know if u want to leave charlie for cinco? you better sit down girl i can’t keep defending u like this please. cinco is triflingggg

OLIVIA? GIRLGIRL??? nah you need to pack your mf bags.

That purple girl is going to dump korey the first chance she gets

I told y'all that my baby girl is smart! I told you that she will make the right choice. Cash picked Charlie, my ship is sailing.

Azah: “She (Hannah) a smart little girl.” Big D: “And you a dumb ass lady”

Y’all need to leave kyra the fuck alone my girl ain’t did nothing

saw a girl with hair like this at stop n shop today !! looks like dog ears i thought it was really cute :")

kyra is gonna stay with will even after she finds out about him and flo cause she's the "at the end of the day, he knows where home is" type of girl

Young girl was sacrificed to gods by Incas, she was only 15 at that time.This frozen body was unharmed nearly 500 years later. Children were chosen beacause they were considered pure beings in sacrificial rituals know as ''capacocha''in Inca culture.

Ok now I don’t feel bad if you get played Korey.. you just chose the wrong girl

Trina girl did you forget that you’re in a love triangle??

Not Olivia lying in the previews and saying she has feelings for Korey… GIRL YOUR VACATION IS OVERRRR

[trending] helps a little girl with her dress as he passes by

korey really picked leslie over isabel the girl that ACTUALLY wants him... hes out his mf mind. when she leaves you high and dry dont say a word!!

Bad like the girl from the album wit ANTI 💋 Stream Wat U Sed