Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Raphael met Michaela's gaze. "If you could kill every single beautiful woman in the world, would you?"Her smile never faded. "In an instant. +💡💡+ كَِٕؤَِدٍَٔ+!خَُٕـصَُٕمٍَ؟+نُٓٓمََٕٖشٰٰٓيْْٰTT +💡💡+

Happy birthday to our reliable brother Kim Jinwoo. Keep being winner and IC’s reason to smile 💙💙 FOREVER DAZZLING JINU

A sunny, foolish smile breaks across his face. “It’s wrong and stupid and wonderful, Zahra. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but here I am. I love you. 🔗💸 |!كََٕؤٍٍدَِ؟| ₹خَٕٔصَُمَّٓ+نٕوّنُّ DH4 💸🔗

mingi’s shiny eyes here and his smile T^T feels like i’m looking at an angel he’s so 💔💔

SCYLLA Concept Film is giving me sad vibes… I can feel a ballad coming

it could be YOU~ (take a glance on her phone and smile) we and us FOREVER ~ (take a glance on her phone smiling) sigeee career and lovelife multitasking belinda

look at chris smile while singing in korean 😭

the most beautiful smile in the world

Can I get 500 likes for amazing smile హ నవ్వు చూస్తే చాలు ☺️

the only smile that we get from ziyin from today episode🥺 please be well baobei

’s smile can light up a whole town ☀️

Happy to see you smile and laugh tonight ! And i’m sure happy din ang heart nyong lahat! Lablab! 👏👏🖤❤️

This smile yes this one... lights up our entire world😍 Moon In The Darkness SSR

Your Smile makes me smile ❤️ 💙

Absolutely ethereal

They teach us a new way of say sorry... "I m ashamed of my actions" Smile kr ke sorry bolne ka new way!! How cute are they!! Need my in BB15

Ariana Grande and her smile

hearing your voice just makes me smile

" A simple smile. That's the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others...." - Dolai Lama Sabka Gulshan Sushant