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ประกาศงดรับของขวัญ และ Food Support Announcement: GMMTV will temporarily stop accepting gifts and food support.

[210801] 🍊 is this american or korean food/style?

One of the answers given to the question “What did Wendy say to the youngstreet PD/producers before she even sat down” was “Do you want to eat this?” because Wendy is always giving/buying people food 😂

k-stays enjoying i-stays fighting their free food for their life and exclusive to get a glimpse photos of 144p pics

Fuel and food prices, and static salaries make consumers vulnerable .

🗒 ❛ low calorie foods ༉‧₊˚✧ — a thread

In a ward in Yangon's Dagon Seikkan Township, youths from Thaketa donated rice and food items this morning (Aug 1) under the "People-to-People" program. Photos: Supplied

The foods you consume every day have the power to heal your body or to harm & inflame your body. ✨Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Add to Your Diet: Olives or Olive Oil Fatty Fish Turmeric Berries Avocado Mushrooms Coconut Oil Leafy Greens Herbs Green Tea (All Teas)

k-stay on stay day: - being able to visit the caffe ✔ decorated by skz ✔ - free food and beverages ✔ - being able to see unreleased skz pic ✔ i-stay on stay day : "hey stay i'm stay too, spare me some leaked photos pls🤲🏻"

What is yeri's healthy food that can make me power up? Yeri: something that i always eat in summer Yeri: cold bean noodle

yeri said thank you to the members for sending coffee and food trucks to the blue birthday filming set 🥰

the answer to yeri's question ("what is yeri's answer if asked what her power up nourishing food is") is soybean noodles! wendy trying to argue with her that samgyetang (a Korean chicken soup dish) is more nourishing, and yeri just went "i like soybean noodles the best~"

Around 77000 refugees are fleeing Karen state as SAC frequently open fire on villages. Refugees now require immediate shelter, food & medical supplies. SIGN THE PETITION FOR NUG

yuto's request is to try popular tteokbokki deliveries yuto: oh this is a little spicy but it's totally delicious MC: right, i heard spicy food isn't his favorite *1 min later* yuto: OH this is spicy, like actually spicy

If you are in Sligo you need to eat in Nadur ❤️ that’s the whole restaurant review right there. Beautiful ☘️ Irish food ☺️

Welcome to Naomi catering kitchen, order for ur tasty food we do soup bowl, food tray , we re just phone call away.

Films I watched today: THE FIGHTING FISTS OF SHANGHAI JOE (1973) [Technically started watching this film yesterday and finished watching it today. Still, a Martial Arts Spaghetti Western? Nice. 👍] THE FOOD OF THE GODS (1976) [Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't think they-ARGH!]

Nunuuu thank you for coming💗 please have a good rest, good food and be happy. Stay stafe and stay healthy our nunu💗💗

Damn when is someone gonna cut my food for me like this huh (Manhwa: pleasure principles)

I woke up. I have clothes to wear. I have running water. I have food to eat. Today is going to be ok. Thank you Jesus.

She nd Her Cravings for Food 😂😂 Maa, nee idha Food Vlog neh sollirukalam🤭🤭 Na rendayum ore time la saapduven😝😝 Yes, We remember her eating Noodles nd Ice cream at the same time😂 Be the Same, Patttukutty