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Jessica William

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Actor Peter Scolari, who starred opposite Tom Hanks on 'Bosom Buddies' and won an Emmy for his role on 'Girls,' has died of cancer at age 66.

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Emmy winner Peter Scolari, who starred opposite lifelong friend Tom Hanks in the early 1980s sitcom 'Bosom Buddies,' has passed away at 66. His credits also included roles on 'Newhart' and HBO's 'Girls'


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[SPOILER] This 'Girls Planet 999' contestant trends worldwide as netizens want her to debut after she wasn't included in the final line-up

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RIP, Peter Scolari. A welcome, acerbic presence in everything he appeared in, from Bosom Buddies to Newhart to Girls. He and Tom Hanks were so good together that Bosom Buddies soon abandoned the dumb crossdressing premise; people just wanted to watch those guys be funny together.


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