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Jessica William

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[211026] 🦊💭 (food content) “samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) 👍👍

Craving French Fries 🥺🍟

Tried out a new place today 🤍

America before processed food

cw // food [211026] R🦊J pork belly 👍👍

If people working full-time jobs still need food stamps to get by, they're not the ones leeching off the government. Their employers are.

CIX ACTOR LINE with unnies food truck support 🥺❤️❤️

better than any foods exist

good food good mood 🙈🤍

Sewage dumping is just the first example of what's coming to the UK. The whole point of Brexit is to remove constraints on corporations. Financial regulation, food and product safety, employment protections, H&S, human rights, etc etc; if they reduce profits, they're going.

Ar1anas old food snapchats: a thread

N: i choose love T:tomorrow u will die u chose love, no time, no money, no food u will be hungry😂 N:just having love from everyone, i don't need anything else, i am happy. If i die i will die with my eyes closed (in other words die in peace) 📽ctto

nacific ordered some food for skz’s photoshoot and the company who made those food posted some photos! they look so good ^^

taehyun is insane, 3 days ago he posted pictures showing off his visuals and perfect proportion, a day ago and yesterday he posted the food he cooked, and now he's showcasing his amazing vocals— SIR YOU ARE LITERALLY PERFECT

The pd asked Kangmin (and Binnie) about Kangmin's arm muscles and showed Binnie a photo of Kangmin (arm muscles) Look how confused he was 😭 Moonbin pls HAHA Moonbin, the health trainer, suggested for Kangmin to eat more food to build up his muscles more 💪

helping boost brand recognition 🤩🍗NugunaBanhandak Chicken: Brand of the Year award by Korean Advertising Industry 📍10X increase in search volumes 🍲Samhwa Foods: Consumer's Choice - Best Brand 2021 📍Explosive popularity in last 6 mnths

We were promised sunlit uplands. Instead, we've lost £billions, UK exports have plunged, prices are rising, supermarket shelves are empty, food is rotting in the fields and England's rivers are flowing with... sewage. This is the reality of 's hard Brexit.

Bobby chose Hanbin to be his date when he won the game during iKON GROUND 2019. They walked through the streets of Japan, ate Chinese food and spend the afternoon having fun in the boat. Good times.🥰

I've heard there is some cheap Nutritious Food available in the

boys mental camp commentary book — “i had a lot of fun with deffcon hyung and dreamies hyung for two days one night and it was very great to eat a lot of delicious foods >_< i want to go and play with the hyungs again next time!!” cr. nanalelegsung

Rice, milk, bread, eggs, sugar, pulses all basic food commodities have become unaffordable under this selected, incompetent & corrupt regime.

i only eat pretty foods