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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

aespa dancing to i’m your girl by s.e.s

Mạnh bạo với em quá là em chảy nước đó 😭

no bc i literally just texted this girl abt how i like her and how i wondered if she felt the same. it’s been two hrs and no response. i wanna kms.


the nation's girl crush

I told how his conversation about his ideal type for both boys and girls helped me went through my identity crisis last year, and this is how he responded🥺🏳️‍🌈 "…mostly that's perfectly normal (to have crisis), just don't worry too much and focus on what you're doing!"

"ew suju needs to stay away from our girls, girls get behind me" meanwhile, queen karina:

omg wldn girls on amazing saturday!!!!

bringing back when beomgyu just said "excuse me" and the girls started to scream 😭

yujin and may are the first girls to appear on caibing's ig feed what if this is my last straw

Girls Night In are taking girls out of their name because it “fails to include people of all identities.” But people of all identities are not at equal risk of sexual harassment and assault on nights out. Women & girls are overwhelmingly victims of these crimes, men perpetrators.

chinese girls bond is the best 🥺💕

Congress's vision for UP: 🔹40% tickets to women 🔹Scooty and 📱 for Girls 🔹Farm loan waiver 🔹Electricity bill at 50% 🔹25k Rs for Covid Hit families 🔹20 lakh new Govt jobs 🔹₹2500MSP of paddy and wheat 🔹₹400 for sugarcane

The final jacket for ✨The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea✨

Ghaziabad Grooming Jihad: Sahil Khan turns Sahil Singh to lure Hindu girl into marriage, issues death threat for refusing to embrace Islam


the lisa girl from blackpink kinda ate on the new megan track..

“Draw me like one of your french girls

dancing Girls' Generation's "Into The New World"

♕•ﻜٕوِدٓ•♕ $ﺧٕٓصٍٓم$ نِمَشٍيِّ سِـيِّفُـيِّ MEM HHH My criminal justice teacher was like: "Guys, have you ever had a crush on a girl or liked a girl and she friend zoned you?" Me, I literally sat there, with the most disturbed and sad looked on my face thought on my head