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Jessica William

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Karina is so sweet. She said she wants to come to bbl everyday and was sorry for not being able to take care of us yesterday. Best girl indeed🤧

Take a sneak peak of our girl heading to STAGE!! Night 2 let’s go !!!

Last post for the night. Gotta make it a bookend.

maeng is excited for Lisa debut stage🥺😍best girl klilie

literally the most supportive girl ever 🥺

Vaccinated while breastfeeding 🤱🏻. Providing some antibodies to this sweet girl.

Girl and her tiny bf

our girl is a star ⭐️🦋

stayc girls it’s going down little kid making man drop tv from second floor so bad

Oh oh all the people that were foaming at the mouth for Azah to follow the girls out the door are crying! I thought yall didn't want and all guys final 3?

imagining Sungkyung performing the Girls Planet 999's "Fate" and wearing a white sleeveless dress like this! aaaaw, she would look so elegant and beautiful 😭🤍

Enjoy KCON:TACT with Girls Planet 999 tonight Let's HI 5 first before the stage🖐

An Afghan girl displaying a placard asking "what is our crime to be prevented from continuing our education"?

Our best girls will be finally on ASAP Stage. Don’t miss it! Together, let’s catch them both later. QUINCYxAMANDA ON ASAP

When I was a teenager, my DMs would constantly be flooded with messages from primarily young innocent girls who were broken. Some were desperate for someone to talk to. Some expressed suicidal thoughts. I never felt adequate, and always at a loss for words. Broken myself in ways.

they said yeah this is a best girls only event

สมาชิก Girl Group BR แร้งกิ้ง Top 10 ลิซ่าพุ่งขึ้นที่ 1 🎉🎉🎉 #1 LISA BLACKPINK #2 BLACKPINK Jennie #3 Red Velvet Joy #4 Girls' Generation Taeyeon #5 aespa Karina #6 BLACKPINK Jisoo #7 aespa Winter #8 Girls' Generation Yoona #9 BLACKPINK Rosé #10 Girls' Generation Seohyun

I just find it funny that the following shows have been rebooted for series/movies the past few years: - DuckTales - Courage - Rocko - Zim - Rugrats - Hey Arnold - Animaniacs - Ren and Stimpy - Proud Family - Powerpuff Girls But BILLY AND MANDY is the show kids won't remember

. was the most searched girl group on MelOn for the week ending today, with over 89,639 searches.

Goodluck best girls! ♡ QUINCYxAMANDA ON ASAP