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Jessica William

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reposting, help a black teen get some food plz

If the government actually wanted to put the COVID vaccine in food to get maga to take it, salad would not be the food of choice.

One trick I use for cutting out waste is prepping all my meals ahead in the portion I like and in small glass containers so if there is any left it can go back in the fridge. This cuts down work for me as well as food waste :)

this is one of the only candy bars i like n now it’s one of my big fear foods :p

Food parcels during elections 🤔🤔🤔

Good evening lovely people and lovely dogs. I hope that you've had a superb day. How were your walks? Ours were lovely and sunny. I'm just adding the boops to tonight's good night picture. The four are thinking about food...

“How can we make the greatest impact on humanity in the shortest period of time?” The answer was clear: grow plants better and reconnect humanity to the farm. Willo’s mission is to nourish the world with the highest quality, most biodiverse set of plant-based foods.

Your gut is one of the greatest defenses against toxins, and it needs good nutrition to function at its best! Eating more Whole Foods and less processed foods helps your gut absorb nutrients and support a stronger immune system to keep inflammation at bay.

Two Happy dogs and 4 new treats coming from BP Raw Pet Foods, Inc. All homemade and tested and approved by Billie and Pepper.

One of the best shortcuts ever, along with clothes wash timer but also so stressful that u have to use up food??? How long past the expiry date does frozen food even last??

foods high in the nutrients that are commonly deficient in restrictive eating disorders — an informative thread for edtwt

NUTRITIONAL ENERGY BASICS PROGRAM: BIO FUEL, GET-GO-N PLUS Enhances nutritional balance and health needs. Many people suffer the effects of poor health due to improper eating, skipped meals, and the consumption of highly processed fast foods. Biometics Nutritional Energy

Oh My. Spooky Doggie Treats (8oz) $7.95. Just added to the BP Raw Pet Foods menu. Just like our Frankie Treats, but dressed and decorated for the fall.

Me eating spicy foods vs me shitting them out

Lovely little Zoe the kitten is growing up fast. She is one of the Aegean being cared for by the nurse on this beautiful island, who arranges medicines, neutering & food. You can help the cats too by making a small donation. Purr!

Patham Foods Castor Oil can boost the appearance of your hair and skin. Castor oil contains high levels of vitamin E which can reduce the appearance of scars and speed healing; ricinoleic acid, which helps increase circulation to the scalp and improve hair growth.

the gc would never be this sweet ab this they’d hit me with a brick, run me over, push me off a cliff and then tell me the foods i don’t like

*FOOD FOR THOUGHT* Betting is addictive and can be phycologically harmful ✍🏻🤣🤣🤣

We tasted harvested foods from around the world! 🌎