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Jessica William

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Girl having a picnic with large bird but without food hugs it best friends haseul let me in

Wife was craving Mexican food. Need was met. Now back to football!

7-year jail term for food, drug adulteration: Rajasthan Assembly passes Bill

My first time trying soju and my first non kbbq korean food!!

Every day I drive in the area I live, I see farm workers breaking their backs for small wages, to put food on tables across America. Will they ever get the respect and appreciation they deserve?

At a nice restaurant & some guy here is acting like he’s the manager & on undercover boss & is going around table to table asking us how our food is… he’s been here 3 hours apparently – they just kicked him out 😂

Google Maps to me when I try to drive through UF/Bama gameday traffic to get the food that Roxy is craving

MISSION Air Force vet Jaden has 2 minors is working. Got behind due to a death in the family. He is working 60-80 hrs a week to get caught up. $1350 rent and food support.


do you guys know this food it's called Tau suan 豆爽 AND IT'S GOOOOD

trying to stock up on food this is almost harder to do than boss fights omfg

yall could just say “its important to incorporate nutritious foods into your kids diet.” but instead you’re acting like feeding a kid chicken nuggets is abuse and thats a bit much.

Cross isn't drunk. Didn't we just watch him a few minutes ago when he told Liquor to wake up him up when food is ready? He has a heavy heart this night, and he's going to bed angry. Probably sad about the issue between him and Angel.

People discussing terrible foods reminds me of this cigarette bin I spotted recently. Yes or no? The people said no.

‘The Corn Mother, Corn Maiden, or Yellow Woman is the nourishment aspect of the Goddess and is most commonly associated with grain harvest. She is the Mother Goddess who nurtures those around her with food and is the conceptual representation of ‘what we will reap —we will sow.’

food log — sep 19

food i got today !!

When they give you two beds you get the food/ guitar bed

I think Dayane is not prepared in Brazilian reality show even it's a VIP version..coz in least there..they are spoiling them..they can request things to their agents from the outside to bring inside..they spoil them in foods..but again both shows is still messy..

People ask about leverage. 70% of the funds the Taliban Needs to run the country are frozen. The economy has taken a nose dive and everyday citizens are struggling to out food in the table. This is a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions in the making.

i wanna be vegan too someday but y’all food look like punishment 😭