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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

A closer look at the new Coldplay x BTS picture shows that the table behind is full of Music Of The Spheres copies 🤯

they look like they own the gallery

no cause i hate a “it’s just the lighting” ass bitch, direct light hits dark skin in a way that makes it look shiny w bold, visible highlights, it doesn’t just like.. magically turn ppl pale?😭 literally just look at pictures of dark skin ppl in harsh/direct lighting cmon now

Got told I "look like a goddess" in this photo.

[📷] BTS visited the New York Korean Cultural Center with Hwang Hee, the South Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.!! AHH!?!?!??? LOOK AT THEM!?!?

Look what arrived in the Mail today! Anyone up for a Stop Motion Review? 😜📷

saw these Airs and thought she'd look cute with them

Do you ever just look at Yoonkook and start sobbing ??

“You have to not let yourself believe you can’t. Do what you can do within the framework you have. And don’t look outside. Look inside.” ― the iconic artist, filmmaker, actor, playwright, novelist, composer and sage Melvin Van Peebles, who has gone home at the age of 89.

i'm eating glass rn. LOOK AT THESE TWO

They look so good 😩

he couldn’t look at her but he couldn’t look away from buck

Bed time pic for my wonderful weirdos 😏 Do I look good or what?! Night night you lot and I’ll see you tomorrow 😘😘


see the problem with elevator photos i have like 10 seconds to take them so i have to be fast and they look bad

looks like a very generic guy so it’s hard to tell him apart from others, look out for these hand tattoos

Look at his cheekies ☺

Look what my friend made me!! :D