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Jessica William

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—6th anniversary live with the best girls

Mạnh bạo với em quá là em chảy nước đó 😭

And your girl is poop

Girls are temporary, lineups are forever



the prettiest girl i’ve ever seen

trans// : today got to record with nong . i will take a good care of him. dont be worry girls.

Rinu speaking about the via Arise News TV. Powerful girl!

—6 years with the best girls

📣 Our Voting Collaboration with Baekhyun Fans is ongoing 📣 They'll vote for Shen Xiaoting in the final round of Girls Planet 999 & We'll vote for Baekhyun at the award shows! D-15 MAMA voting👉 Pls make mwave accs with your SNS. Lets vote him like his fans vote for Xiaoting♡

moana ig update moana & reina - girls planet 999 mission song mashUp ✨

Yuju is the best girl! Can you find an artist that will write this consoling letter because her fan had a tiring day? 😭

thank you Nayeon thank you Jeongyeon thank you Momo thank you Sana thank you Jihyo thank you Mina thank you Dahyun thank you Chaeyoung thank you Tzuyu…my heart is the happiest because of you 9! I love you girls! ♥️

yes they're the same person 😂 just another "duality" of TWICE 😂😂 nine girls whom ONCE love so much 🍭

LOL the other girls are trying to be sentimental and say something touching but couldn't continue cause they saw Dahyun's costume ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

onces being the luckiest and spoiled fandom, i love it here, i’m in this twice sh!t for life. but also, i hope onces will use this as a motivation to work harder for the girls, twice did so many for us, it’s time to repay their hardworks. promise to do well for twice? 🥺

GIVEAWAY: AAA Best Female Idol Group Vote for Girls Planet 999 contestant KIM SUYEON on Universe app & reply with proof (read thread for more) 🏆 Fandom with most VOTING PROOFS will be given 600 votes 🏅 Poll winner will be given 100 votes

therapy: expensive dopil dancing to girl groups : for free p.s : let's pretend that you haven't seen us tweeting that tweet before 🧍🏻

i'm obsessed w this girl

happy girls won the dalgona game

Girls Planet 999 solo fanbases have dm-ed us to collaborate but we can only support 1 participant and we will be collaborating with whoever wins the poll. :)