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Jessica William

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John Doe

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It came to Mary now that her mother had been right, after al "The books we love offer a sketch of a whole univer كـؤد خٓـَٓصٰٓم فوغا فوقا كلوسيت DIGG EVF

The type of the Inevitable is death. I remember well that in "A good leader leads with compassion and love, not كـؤد خٓـَٓصٰٓم فوغا فوقا كلوسيت DIGG EVF

"Love is not a binary switch where you decide, bam! Now we’re in love and saying "I love you" first to a partner. G0H0dG0oO کْوٌدٍ خِـصّـمً اَناس کْوٌبًوٌنِ اَونّاس MZ31

i love them so much

Russell: "If you need to compromise my race to help Nicky, do it. Prioritise Nicky." Talk about team player. Mercedes will love to hear that too

i still can’t believe they’re canon they’re dating they’re gfs they’re in love i’m gonna cry again

i think words can't fully describe it but moas we're really the luckiest fandom and all TXT members love us so much. their vlives are healing, they're joking with us and it feels like we're spending time with best friends. the atmosphere they're creating for us is really special.

Black Clover is an anime that really overdid my expectations. I watched everything in 4 days and now I'm rewatching. Ended up buying all the mangas, fell in love with many chars, that's why

i love how everytime skz walk into a room chaos ensues

TREASURE Choi Hyunsuk covering G-Dragon This Love im loving this bb covers coming from trsr members 🥰🥰

A friend is a multifaceted word. It covers all possible emotions. Friends are like emotional banks. They are funny, dependable, sometimes irritating and best co travellers in life. Here is wishing all the friends in the world a . Love and prayers always!! 😍🤓

Hitomi, Chaewon and Eunbi ♡♡♡ I really love those two for posting about CW's birthday on their Instagram stories 🥺

this love in english hits different♡

another one😭 Hyunsuk covering Gdragon's This Love😭😭

In your love I wanna be Baptized...

please send jiyoon lots of love on the weverse app! she deserves all the support we can give right now <3 i hope she knows how much daileees love her

i love her and her dumbo ear so much :(

I fucking love this video

. songs being played at Tokyo 2020 Olympics so far. - Don't fight the feeling (4x) - Power (3x) - Love Shot (2x) - Sheep (Lay) - Years (Chen) - Love Me Right (3x) - Transformer - 3.6.5 (3x) - Hurt - Wolf - Peterpan - Tempo - Lucky

well its officially been 1 year since i used the worst pickup line in existence yet still managed to get an amazing girlfriend, i love you so much alice!